Stop now, and read Disquiet Time: Rants and Reflections on the Good Book

disquiet time coverStop everything. I have to make a public service announcement on my new favorite book, Disquiet Time: Rants and Reflections on the Good Book by the Skeptical, the Faithful, and a Few Scoundrels (Grant and Falsani 2014). Just this moment, I had to force myself to put the book down so I could share it with you.

I have to say, from the first page I felt as if I entered a great room of my people (or at least people who I would like to know so I can say they are my people) Hi! Hello everyone, it’s me, Susan!

For many years I have been a Cathleen Falsani fan, so my enthusiasm for this book, of which she is both co-editor and contributor, is no real surprise. She and equally awesome co-editor Jennifer Grant, have gathered 46 stories penned by some incredibly smart people who wrestle with the big questions for a living, Among these contributors are award-winning authors, theologians, pastors and preachers, a radio host, a songwriter, a cookbook author, a bio ethicist, an entrepreneur, a former addict, an activist, a screen writer and actor, a political adviser, a math teacher, and a lawyer, just to name a few of the “nonconformists and oddballs” of the churchy-not-so-churchy-oh-yes-I-am world that we call home.

I am no shrinking violet when it comes to wrestling with the spiritual life. Faith blooms as a result of the questioning, the doubting, and the dawning that comes when we finally realize our error is trying to shoehorn God stuff into human stuff. Although many of the reflections in this book take their inspiration from scripture and related themes of Christianity, it is for everyone: believer, fence sitter, skeptics and naysayers alike. It’s refreshing and real, provocative, touching, and at times a little shocking. But as Jennifer and Cathleen point out in the introduction, God can take it. And so can you.

Try it. You’ll like it.