The majority of the reflections posted on The Good Disciple blog were written to accompany the Sunday readings found in the Revised Common Lectionary for the Liturgical year (A, B, or C).

four-gospelsWhile texts from both the Old and New Testaments are included in the Sunday readings and in the reflections, I have chosen to include only the four gospels in this drop down menu. This is to avoid having to cross reference the entire canon of scripture.

Readers may prefer to use the search engine located on the right side of the page to locate other books of Bible not included here.

It may be useful to take note of the date a particular post was published, found to the left of the title.

This drop down menu organizes reflections tagged with the name of a specific gospel and are listed in reverse order (newest to oldest) of their publication date. Each reflection begins with a name designating its location on liturgical calendar. For example, 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (A).

A, B, C, refers to the particular year. Click here for more information on the arrangement of the lectionary and liturgical calendar.


Your thoughts?

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