The Advent of Christ

This beautiful post from last year, written by Fr. Joel Fortier, is getting a lot of attention. Readers from all over the world have visited in the past week, most of them lingering here for a moment of contemplation. Perhaps you would also appreciate taking a moment to reflect, to enter into the quiet spaciousness that the season of Advent offers. Enjoy.

The Good Disciple

A reflection on the First week of Advent, by Fr. Joel Fortier.

waiting Mary

Hope and expectation are the notes of Advent. The advent of Christ, the coming of Christ, is a great cause for expectant faith and joyful hope! We look forward to the fullness of Christ in us. The mystery of Christ has already begun, we are in the time between the “yet” and the “not yet”. Christ has already come, Emmanuel, God-with-us, is already here, present with us, within us, and among us. And yet the fullness of the Presence is still to be revealed! 

Every moment is pregnant with grace waiting to be embraced and brought to birth in us. Every moment is an opportunity to grow in grace…in love, in Christ, to live in Christ, even as Christ lives in us…in love. The mystery of “Christ in you” is yet to be fully revealed; your true…

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