Review: The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films

It was an absolute pleasure to read and review this book for the July 1-14, 2016 print edition of the National Catholic Reporter. After all, it’s about three of my favorite things, plus it’s authored by one of my favorite CTU professors, Antonio Sison, CPPS. It’s a trifecta of food, theology, and film that is sure to please your palate. Click the image below for the full review. Mangia!


Author: Susan Francesconi

Catholic blogger, liturgical art consultant, citizen of the world, and student of life striving to generate something good.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films”

  1. Sounds like a great book, Susan. Thanks for all the movie recommendations mentioned in the post/article, too! I seldom get to watch ‘foreign’ movies here as they are all subtitled in Japanese (beyond my skills, alas!) . . . but I’ll look them up when I’m next in a non-Asian context. Thanks!

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