Do you know me?

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (A)

I am your daughter.

I am your neighbor.

I am your co-worker.

I am your child’s math teacher.

I cut you off on the turnpike yesterday.

I am the crying baby on your long flight.

I am your mother’s cardiologist.

I am your mail carrier.

I am your friend’s roommate.

I replaced your roof last spring.

I am your daughter’s future husband.

I am the voice on the help line.

I clean your house.

I just moved here with my girlfriend.

I wave to you every morning as you jog by my house.

I am experiencing homelessness.

I help bag your groceries.

You cheered for me on the soccer field.

I am in this country illegally.

I’m that loud guy across the street.

Our kids were in scouts together.

Yours was the first face I saw when I entered this church.

I am the Body of Christ.

Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the Glory of God. —Romans 15:7

Author: Susan Francesconi

Catholic blogger, liturgical art consultant, citizen of the world, and student of life striving to generate something good.

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